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The use of our mobile loan closing services can help title companies and direct lenders increase their territory while reducing the overhead associated with scheduling their own mobile closings.

We work with real estate professionals, mortgage brokers, lenders, and attorneys, providing mortgage loan closing services within the region. Regardless of where your office is located, we can handle your mortgage closing professionally, conveniently and securely.  Order your next financial transaction with us and experience the difference our professional, courteous staff makes to your business.

Signing Agent Advantages

  • A mobile mortgage loan closing can be conducted at home, workplace or any location selected by your customer.

  • Mobile mortgage loan closings offer flexible schedules for your customer.

  • We schedule mortgage closings for a wide variety of loan types including FHA Loans, VA Loans, Reverse Mortgage Loans, Conventional Loans, Refinances and more.

  • We provide a means so that our signing agents can handle receiving your mortgage loan closing packages by email or secure file transfer.

  • We provide after-hours coverage to ensure even late night and weekend mortgage loan closings go smoothly,

  • Flagler County Notary provides loan closing services in remote locations as well as populated areas.

Flagler County Notary provides in-home and mobile loan closing services for residential mortgages and various other types of loans.  We work with banks, direct lenders, title insurance companies, attorneys and more.

Our loan signing agents are experienced professionals with knowledge of real estate, title insurance and mortgage document packages.  We handle all documents with the appropriate safeguards and represent your company with the expertise required throughout the entire closing process.   Our agents also work flexible hours to accommodate your client's schedule at home, work or other location.

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We subscribe to the Guiding Principles of the National Notary Association:

  • The Signing Agent shall obtain all licenses required to perform signing services, seek training in the duties and ethics of the profession and be accountable to any authority under whom the Agent must lawfully operate.
  • The Signing Agent shall obey all laws, rules and best practices that apply to the signing and notarizing of documents entrusted to the Agent.
  • The Signing Agent shall maintain a demeanor of impartiality and shall not offer personal opinions to the borrower about the loan.
  • The Signing Agent shall not advise the borrower about the loan nor explain the terms of any document presented to the borrower.
  • The Signing Agent shall not be a knowing party to any illegal, deceptive or harmful activity requested by a lender, broker, closing agent, signing service, settlement services provider, borrower or any other person.
  • The Signing Agent shall abide by the fraud prevention provisions of the Uniform General Closing Instructions.
  • The Signing Agent shall respect the privacy of each borrower and not divulge details of a loan to any person outside the office of the lender or other firm employing the Agent.
  • The Signing Agent shall follow all contractual obligations in charging and collecting fees for services rendered.
  • The Signing Agent shall not advertise document signing services in a manner that is unprofessional, false, misleading or deceptive.
  • The Signing Agent shall conduct each assignment in a professional manner in order to engender respect for the vocation of Signing Agent.


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